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As a Squaw Valley real estate agent and a season pass-holder, I had recently completed an electronic survey sent out by Squaw Valley ski resort to its patrons. As I have been a loyal Squaw Valley pass-holder for 16 years and a full-time Squaw Valley real estate agent, I am not disturbed by the email spam, but rather welcome the fact that Squaw Valley finally cares, and collects opinions from people like Squaw Valley real estate owners who are affected by the tides of the Squaw Valley Ski Resort, and is incorporating those views in its decision making.

Squaw Valley ski resort has sent out these surveys before, and have implemented improvements based on the results, but this time the survey results would impact the Squaw Valley real estate community as a whole, and I believed 10 minutes of my time was necessary to complete the survey.

The survey consisted of questions about the proposed Squaw Valley water park and adventure center expansion. There was even a drawing of the proposed building with Squaw Valley real estate condos above the water park. It looked much like the current buildings in the Squaw Valley Real Estate Village, and I believe it would be positioned at the base of the mountain where the current Children’s World is.

There are talks of swimming lagoons, rapids for kayaking, lazy river, ski-jump training facility, wave pool for surfing, and even indoor skydiving.

So, how would this affect the Squaw Valley real estate community? Will the overabundance of Squaw Valley real estate dilute the current Squaw Valley real estate market? Or will the facilities draw more Squaw Valley real estate buyers?

No one knows what the future holds, but change is not always bad.

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