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Lake Tahoe Real Estate has taken an up-turn, but perhaps no area has seen as much improvement as Squaw Valley Real Estate. With Lake Tahoe MLS year-end statistics out, the results for Squaw Valley Real Estate are the most surprising out of all of Lake Tahoe Real Estate areas.

VS 2012

SINGLE FAMILY                                                                                     CONDOS

 %  2013              2012                     %
Volume $34,980,550 $17,192,000 103% Volume $23,687,637 $16,410,206 44%



11% Units



Median Price $1,765,625 $895,750 97% Median Price $444,500 $315,000 41%
Average Price $1,841,081 $955,111 93% Average Price $493,492 $364,671 35%
Units Under $1 Mil



-20% Units Under $500



Units Over $1 Mil



13% Units Over $500




Lake Tahoe Real Estate: Squaw Valley Real Estate Single Family Homes

Lake Tahoe MLS shows Squaw Valley real estate volume sold for single family homes in 2013 went up by 103%, from $17,192,000 in 2012 to $34,980,550 in 2013. This is perhaps the biggest improvement we have seen in any of the Lake Tahoe real estate areas. This is largely due to median and average Squaw Valley homes sale price increases.

Lake Tahoe MLS shows both median and average Squaw Valley real estate prices have gone up dramatically and evenly, suggesting that Lake Tahoe real estate prices have indeed gone up, and not influenced by the increasing number of sales of the Lake Tahoe Luxury Homes, which have skewed the statistics for some neighborhoods. Squaw Valley Real Estate median price went up 97% from $895,750 in 2012 to $1,765,625. Squaw Valley Real Estate average price went up 93% from $955,111 in 2012 to $1,841,081 in 2013.

Squaw Valley homes sold under $1M, went down 20% from 10 to 8, and Squaw Valley real estate sold over $1M went up slightly by 13% from 8 to 12 units sold.


Lake Tahoe Real Estate: Squaw Valley Real Estate Condominiums

Squaw Valley real estate condominiums have not shown as dramatic of an up-turn, but still a great Lake Tahoe MLS year-end finish. With volume sold going up 44% from $16,410,206 in 2012 to $23,687,637 in 2013, it has been an amazing year for Squaw Valley Real Estate, and Lake Tahoe real estate in general. Squaw Valley condominiums sold have gone up by only 7% from 45 to 48 units sold, showing not much improvement year to year, but a steady healthy market.

Lake Tahoe MLS shows Squaw Valley condominiums median price has gone up 41% from $315,000 to $444,500. This is largely because more Lake Tahoe luxury homes sold in this segment last year. Squaw Valley real estate average price for condos has gone up by 35% from $364,671 to $493,492.

The only segment of the market that has suffered last year in Squaw Valley real estate, is the condos under $500K with a 17% decrease in units sold. As mentioned before Squaw Valley real estate had a big boost in units over $500K sold with a 100% increase.


With Lake Tahoe real estate going up at a steady rate, and market segments like Squaw Valley real estate and Lake Tahoe luxury homes, now may be a very good time to buy in Lake Tahoe.

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