Lake Tahoe Real Estate: 208 Main Street, Downieville CA 95936


  • Mixed use zoning
  • Main St. Retail Shop
  • River Side Retail Shop
  • Residence
  • Over 5000 sq. ft.
  • Plenty of parking front and back
  • River view
  • Prime Main St. location

Lake Tahoe Real Estate: 208 Main Street, Downieville CA 95936 – Sierra County

Unique opportunity for outdoor enthusiasts with a knack for business to own mixed use building in historic Downieville, mountain bike and rafting mecca in the heart of the Sierra County. Live upstairs in a spacious loft residence, and run a business out of one of the two available retail spaces (one on Main St., one by the river), or sit back and collect the rent! Completely remodeled, including FEMA foundation, this property has prime downtown location, Main St. and river side front, plenty of city parking, and gorgeous view of the river(s) and a swimming hole right out front!


Layout of the property:

Home of the Yuba Expeditions currently. Faces the river Downie. About 3000 sq ft roughly (visual assessment only). Entrance to the upstairs residence is on this level. City parking right out front and on the side, and mountain bike shuttle picks up right out front.
Man St. Retail Space:
Currently vacant. About 1100 sq ft roughly (visual assessment only) including large half bathroom, changing room, and storage area. Entrance on Main St., but has private back access via stairs. City parking lot right across the street. On the main shopping street of Downieville!
Two story spacious loft residence with vaulted ceilings and skylights, large kitchen, hardwood floors, and 2 bathrooms, and views of the historic Downieville and the river(s). It has an open living area with gas fireplace, one full bathroom on the living level, and upstairs is a huge loft, which could easily be divided with walls to make actual bedrooms, and full bathroom (shower and toilet are separate) with another gas fireplace. Approximately 1600 sq. ft (visual assessment only). Currently a vacation rental.



The original building is from 1867.  It was called the Weaver Building.  The back side (closest to the river) was added in the 1950’s. It has access from both Main St., and the river side. It is river front, and incidentally right where the mountain bikers and rafters gather for shuttle pick up, and raft put in.


During the last 5 years the County added a park, public bathrooms, a flood wall, a “river walk” between the bridges, and paved the parking lot behind the building.


The bike shop and the floor on the third story are build from old bleachers from SF State from the 1930’s.  The bench outside and the build in bench in the dining area are built from the original Kezar Stadium wood (original home of the SF Forty Niners)!



The famous “World Championship” held in August: This is being held in August.  Generally the town is overwhelmed with mountain bikers and all the camping etc. is taken up all the way to Lake Tahoe and Nevada City.  It’s a big festival all weekend.  They do a famous river jump, pixie cross, and usually have a free concert.


The rafters/kayakers put in right behind the building at the swimming hole.  The big draw is the Maytag rapid and Moss Canyon.  Maytag is downstream from the building, Moss is upstream.


The fishing is quite good in the North Yuba and Downie rivers right behind the building.   They stock the river in the swimming hole right behind the building all summer.

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Information taken from the Lake Tahoe MLS.

By Olja Mihic, Your Lake Tahoe Realtor