Top 10 Zip Codes for Luxury Homes

It is no secret that a segment of Lake Tahoe real estate, Lake Tahoe Luxury homes, is right up there with the top zip codes in the country, but which zip codes have made the list as the most expensive zip codes for luxury homes in the country?

Top 10 Forbes Most Expensive Real Estate Zip Codes:


1. 91008, Duarte, CA – Median Home Price: $4,276,462

2. 94027, Atherton, CA – Median Home Price: $4,010,200

3. 90274, Rolling Hills, CA – Median Home Price: $3,892,456

4. 07620, Alpine, NJ – Median Home Price: $3,814,885

5. 10014, New York, NY – Median Home Price: $3,785,445

6. 90210, Beverly Hills, CA – Median Home Price: $3,684,150

7. 10065, New York, NY – Median Home Price: $3,626,001

8. 94920, Belvedere, CA – Median Home Price: $3,283,269

9. 10012, New York, NY – Median Home Price: $3,221,371

10. 93108, Santa Barbara, CA – Median Home Price: $3,151,220


OK, we get it! California and New York are the clear winners in Luxury Home market.

As a Lake Tahoe realtor, I can testify that you get what you pay for! Lake Tahoe real estate with its pristine 72 miles of shoreline and some of the top-notch Lake Tahoe luxury homes, though not the most voluminous, Lake Tahoe luxury homes market tops the charts not only in prices, but also in beauty and quality of life. Lake Tahoe real estate zip code 89451, in NV, took the No. 389 spot.

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By Olja Mihic, Lake Tahoe Realtor

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